2020 Masters State Championships

Missing from photo: Paul (Johnno) Johnston and Nick Penny

Last weekend saw our Masters compete at Christies Beach in the 2020 Masters State Championships with some great results. Well done!

SATURDAY competitors:

Craig Andrews
Sean McKenzie
Todd Bampton
Nick Penny

2km Run
Craig Andrews – silver

Craig Andrews – silver
Sean McKenzie – gold
Todd Bampton – heats

Craig Andrews – silver
Sean McKenzie – silver
Todd Bampton – 5th

Sean McKenzie – bronze
Todd Bampton – silver
Nick Penny – 6th

SUNDAY competitors:
Sean McKenzie
Todd Bampton
Trent Bampton
Nick PennyC
raig Andrews
Paul (Johnno) Johnston
Brad Tunbridge

Double Ski
Sean & Nick 7th

Single Ski
Sean 5th

Ski Relay 2 Teams
Team 1 Sean, Johnno & Nick 7th
Team 2 Trent, Craig & Todd 9th

Taplin 2 Teams
Team 1 Nick-ski, Sean-board, Brad-swim 8th
Team 2 Johnno-ski, Todd-board, Trent-swim 7th

Board Relay
Sean, Todd, Craig 6th

Swim Team
Trent, Todd & Brad result TBA

Individual Swim
Sean – silver
Trent – 7th
Todd – bronze

Individual Boards
Sean – 4th
Todd – bronze
Craig – 11th

This was an excellent weekend. To compete with and watch these great competitors from Semaphore was such a great and inspiring experience. The camaraderie between all competitors on the beach the whole weekend was amazing to be a part of.What a great sport to be involved in.


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