International Women’s Day – Choose to Challenge

Ever wondered what the Female Life Savers get up to on Patrol and at Nippers?  Ever thought that maybe you could do this and would like to give back to your club?  Not sure where to start?

To celebrate International Women’s Day on Monday the 8th March, we invite you to the Patrol Tent at Semaphore for our special Women’s Come and Try session. 

Come and hang out with some of the female patrolling members.  Get a chance to swim around the cans, try out a rescue board and maybe even be rescued by the jet ski! 

All fully supervised, encouraged and at a pace that suits you.   There may even be a cup of tea and a cucumber sandwich (with the crusts cut off of course) afterwards.

Come and Try and High Tea
When: 1pm to 3pm, Monday 8th March
Where: Semaphore patrol tent, Noonies Beach

You got this ladies!!

“There is no limit to what we as Women can accomplish”  Michelle Obama

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