Are you a Fundraiser?

This is a call to arms. 

If you’ve thought of an awesome way to raise money for the club now is your chance to bring it to life. Call Rhys to discuss your idea and be ready to be empowered to action it. We know that there must be plenty of fundraising and sponsorship ideas bubbling out of our awesome member base. Photos to raise money? For sure. Cake stall at Bunnings? We say yes. Golf Day tshirts? Why not.  Mick Kenny car wash in his budgies? Ok maybe not that one. But seriously, we will help you to bring your fundraising idea into reality. We have the helpers on call, the marketing and social media team ready to push the go button. We just need you and your brilliant idea to step up and drive it. 

No big idea but keen to help where you can? Join the Semaphore SLSC Volunteer Army by talking to any member who you know and asking them how they got involved or ask one of the Board of Management. 

Give Rhys a call on 0400 838 494 or email and we will help you create a plan that works in with our strategy. 

A big shout out to those people already part of the Semaphore SLSC Volunteer Army who are driving the fundraising efforts, you know who you are and we love you all:

  • Canteen crew
  • Bunnings BBQs sizzlers
  • Bunnings  Cake stall bakers
  • Carols by the Lake helpers
  • Semaphore Street Fair spruikers 
  • Westfield tin shakers
  • Ginger bread house erectors 
  • Uniform shop champs
  • Sorry if I missed others

Juniors Weekly report

Thanks to


Hi Everyone


Congratulations to those who competed in the SPR at Seacliff and the State Open Water Swimming Championship on Sunday.


For the SPR we congratulate the following:

Teagan Richards 4th

Ella Andrews 7th

Alana Gallagher 8th

Amy Buck 9th

Lilija Zampatti 14th

Tyler Richards 12th

Zac Buck 7th

Stephane Deblaere 3rd

Nic Schulz 1st


State Open Water Championships 2.5km

Jemma Bennett 2nd

Will Larven 2nd

Will Martin 4th

Frank Martin 3rd


Well done and congratulations to you all.


Wednesday 7/12 NO Junior Pool Swimming as time trials are on for the swimming club


Friday 9/12 –  Junior Board Training

4.45pm on the beach, again any assistance with water cover for board training on Friday night will be greatly appreciated this week.


Saturday 10/12 – Junior Training

March Past Training this week at 11.45

Don’t forget our special visitor after training so don’t forget to bring your assist plate of food as per the flyer distributed last week

Start 12.45 pm on the lawn, for come and try please ensure you register upstairs and receive you top and cap prior to training commencing.


Port Elliot Carnival 18/12

Just a reminder that we have no junior training at Semaphore and we will be training at Port Elliot on Saturday 17th from 1-3pm with a number of other clubs. This training is optional if you are not staying at Port Elliot.

We are required to provide water cover so if you can assist please do so.


A reminder we will need to confirm who is going to Port Elliot and who will be competing we need this information by this Saturday so we can nominate our individual and team events.


Thank you and see you on the beach.


wading into the water

Seniors Weekly report – Carnival 2, 8@8 and School Patrols

With Senior carnival 1 just run last weekend its already time to start thinking about carnival 2.  Carnival 2 will be held at Southport on Sunday 11th December with beach events to be held on Saturday 10th December at Somerton.

Entries for this carnival need to be sent to Kerry Schulz by 5pm Tuesday 6th December. If you haven’t paid the competition levy yet you can pay this over the bar at the club.

For more information click on this link: Carnival 2 Nominations


For ski paddlers the 8@8 will be on again this season with the first event being held at Brighton on December 17.


We also have a number of schools doing   water activities over the next two weeks. Patrolling members will be providing water cover for this. Assistance from the senior competition group would be much appreciated. Dates and times are as follows;

Dec 8   9.00 to 2.30

Dec 14 10.30 to 2.00

Dec 15 time to be advised

Please contact Jen Hansen if you are able to help out.

Training Weekly Report – Last chance for Proficiencies


Final 2 Proficiency dates at Semaphore

ARTC, ATV Operator, Bronze & SRC:


Saturday 3 December 2016


Saturday 17 December 2016


Congratulations Semaphore we have over 60 of our Patrol members proficient to date.  The Wickman patrol complete theirs last week with many undertaking the swim in the windy conditions as well as a rescue on the day, they will do anything to get out of my first aid questions.


There have been 7 opportunities to date and there are over 60 people dryly proficient waiting for the nicer weather for their waterwork as this has not been a good season so far but this is your final chance.


Full proficiency – arrive no later than 13:30 to ensure that you are through by 14:30 as takes time to see you complete assessment & don’t want o miss the rescues & swim.


Swims and Rescues – Arrive at the beach ready to get in the water no later than 14:30 as it takes time to get all rescues done & don’t want to miss the Swim at 15:00.

Michael Kenny or Jennie Charlton will be in their blue assessor top to make it easier to spot & will be close to the nipper areas to enable watercover and patrol to complete all their work and proficiencies.


Please ensure that you have completed your online Skills Maintenance for all your awards here is the link:  then login (any issues with logging in call 1300 724 006) Once in then go to “lifesaving online”, then “courses”, then “go to learning online”, accept the conditions; then go to Training Library “SKILLS MAINTENANCE”. SRC do “resus”, Bronze do “resus” and “radio”.” Please note when it mentions payment the courses you are linking to are free for members J


If due to work/commitments this is impossible for you to make these dates then please let Jennie Charlton know by end of this week (Sunday 4 December) on as will need to organise to link you in with another club to complete proficiencies.


IRB Crew/Driver – No Dates at Semaphore

If unable to attend on the 2 options provided this year and still wish to be proficient please let Jennie Charlton know by end of this week (Sunday 4 December) on as will need to organise to link you in with another club to complete proficiencies. We are dependent on other clubs for this assessment and so only option now is linking in with other clubs’ proficiencies so please do not approach Neil or Michael as they can only train this area not assess proficiency or assessment at this stage.


Waiting List for Courses


Advanced Resus

We currently have 2 people registered.  This is a course to enable you to provide a higher level of oxygen using OP airway, oxy bag as well as suction.  Do you have Senior First Aid or Bronze Medallion?? If so let us know and we will get a course organised once we have 8 people. Dylan or Kylie have agreed to help run this course.



Please ensure that you have completed your First Aid with Surf Life saving before your course is due to start, we have included November and December dates below as this is a pre-requisite for Bronze/SRC with Semaphore.


Timed Swim: You can work on your swimming at the Portside Swim Centre on Wednesday nights – we have 4 people working on this as we speak so come along and join the fun….


Actual date of Timed swim TBA (must be completed pre course starting)– Please advise once ready for timed swim



200m in 5 mins (SRC)

400m in 9 mins (Bronze)


You can buy the manual at the clothing store or bar for the theory information.  Please connect to the online workbook(must be completed prior to course commencing) then you login (any issues with logging in call 1300 724 006)


Once in then go to “lifesaving online”, then “courses”, then “go to learning online”, accept the conditions; then go to Training Library “SKILLS MAINTENANCE”. SRC do “resus”, Bronze do “resus” and “radio”.” Please note when it mentions payment the courses you are linking to are free for members J


We would hope the latest a course would run is January/February 2017.  Please note that we have a trainer on semester break from Uni so if you have friends that are interested in a compressed course get them together and let us know.


IRB Crew

Are you interested but not sure?? Then “Come and Try” on 3rd December from 3:30pm until 4:30pm when Neil Bisset is on Patrol as Driver… be aware you may not be the only one J


IRB Driver

Please note that you must be a Crew and have undertaken a good level of patrol hours covering Semaphore and more advanced waters and have a boat license which you must log with surf via the online portal. Once this is done register your interest.



Reduced cost course at $95 per person

Venue: Surf House 2 Barcoo Road West Beach, SA, 5024

Time: 9am until 5pm

Dates Options:

Saturday 10 December

Tuesday 20 December.

Please book directly with Surf Life Saving SA on (08) 8354 690 or


Thanks from the Training Team

Making surf boats more inclusive

Over the past few weeks the ASRL-SA and SLSSA have been working together to  make surf boats as inclusive at it can possibly be, while ensuring all those participating are kept safe.

Thanks to our dedicated group at the ASRL-SA, we have been successful in gaining some allowances for 3 carnivals this season.

The allowances for these special events are:


15 year olds will be able to row inside the area at the following carnivals

The following conditions apply:

  • Must be a financial member of SLSSA
  • Must be in training for their award and have completed the pre-bronze requirements
  • Surf hazard rating of 7 or below.
  • Helmets mandatory (normal SHR for carnivals is 13)
  • Must have an accredited S3 sweep
  • No points for club
  • Not allowed at state titles


Members of the public will be allowed to row in a community event or come and try event organised by surf clubs within SA.

The following conditions apply:

  • Surf hazard rating of 7 or below
  • Helmets mandatory (normal SHR for carnivals is 13)
  • Must have an accredited sweep
  • Must sign the appropriate waiver form


If your club is intending to have members of the public row at any of the three events listed above can you please notify the event organisers so that the appropriate paperwork can be completed. Clubs will also need to notify organisers if they intend to have 15yr olds rowing so that eligibility can be confirmed. This is a matter of urgency for the Somerton Shootout carnival as entries are almost full.

Thanks again to the following people with their assistance in making this happen. Andrew Bedford, Clare Harris, Mike Schetter, Devo, Bristles & Aaron.

For further information contact Aaron @ Semaphore SLSC on 0421054518

Semaphore SLSC gets into the Spirit of Christmas

Our young members had a wonderful time taking part in the Port Twilight Christmas Parade on Saturday.  Rolling through the streets of the Port in two of our boats, the Club was well represented and helped add to the colour and diversity of this annual event.  The Parade has become an expression of local cultural identity, with many community groups involved. Thousands of visitors and locals were out on the streets in warm conditions to witness the celebrations.  A very big thankyou to Rhys Moult and Megan McDonald for organising such a wonderful experience for our members.  Thankyou also to the many other volunteers and parents that assisted in making this happen.  Check out some of the great images captured by Club Photographer Stephanie Breden.












Senior Carnival 1 Fast Approaching

Another reminder that the Senior Carnival 1 will be held Sunday 27th November at Moana SLSC.  Nominations for this carnival need to be in to Kerry Schulz ( by Tuesday 22nd November so Kerry has time to enter then into the system by close of nominations.


Events to be held:

U17-Open- Swim, Board, Ski, Sprints, Flags, Iron Person and Taplin

14/15s- Swim, Board, Sprints, Flags, Iron

Masters- Flags, Sprints, Swim, Board and Ski

Flags and Sprints for all age groups will be run Friday November 26th at Seacliff. Program to follow.


This is the first time specific Masters events have been held at a regular carnival like this, so it would be great to see our budding masters give some events a shot, to gain some experience for Masters State titles later in the season.


Trailer loading for this event will take place on Saturday 26th November directly after nippers.


For more information click on this link senior-carnival-one-information or contact Craig Lienert.


A reminder that Competition Levies now need to be paid. This can be done over the bar any time the bar is open.

Become Semaphore SLSC’s Number 1 Ticket holder!

You can become the Number 1 ticket holder at the Semaphore SLSC by simply entering a raffle!  Tickets are $5 and are sold at the Club Bar.

What do you receive if you are crowned Number 1 ticket holder? A refund of your personal membership, a designated parking spot at the Club and free drinks on the night of the draw.

The crowning is set to take place on December 9th so if you are a member get your tickets now!



Board training for Female Senior Competition Group



Our Youth development officer Jennifer Hansen has organized ongoing girl’s board training sessions. The main reason for this is to encourage our young women to continue training and to facilitate the transition from juniors into seniors as competitors and active patrolling members.

Paige Purdie has put her hand up to run these sessions and has begun working on the program which will involve more team work and fun orientated sessions instead of “Full On” training.  Any girls with SRC or Bronze are encouraged to come along and join in the fun. If you already know Paige you know it will be fun!

The first session will be on Thursday the 24th November, starting 5.00pm at the club. For more details contact Paige Purdie



semaphore logo top

Club use this weekend

Following is a list of times for services such as Canteen and Uniform shop and commitments to spaces around the Club this weekend.  It gives a great indication to the many uses of our wonderful Club.


Saturday 12.11.16

Skydivers – 6.30am – 5.00pm – Bistro

Bronze Training – 8.30am – 12.30pm – Boats Area

Uniform Shop – 11.00am – 1.00pm

Canteen – 11:30am-12:30pm and after training 2:30-4:00pm.

Draw -5.00 – 6.00pm

Private Birthday – Bar and Balcony 6.00pm – 12.00am.


Sunday 13.11.16

Skydivers 6.30am – 5.00pm – Bar and Balcony

Gingerbread Men Junior – 1.00pm – 3.00pm *Kitchen needed then the whole club from 3.00pm – 6.00pm.