Covid Update 20 Nov

 As highlighted in the last update, Government direction can change quickly and dramatically. Accordingly, we will soon be returning to similar restrictions that were in place before Thursday’s COVID lock down. 

So, to reinforce where we are as a Club effective midnight Saturday 21 November 2020 until advised otherwise: 

Sport and Education 

  • Club gym will remain closed (this will be reviewed early next week); 
  • Change rooms and showers are closed (other than essential toilet use); 
  • All training activities are suspended with no Club equipment to be removed from the Club for personal use; 
  • Carnival events scheduled for remainder of November 2020 will not go ahead as planned; and 
  • Face to face proficiencies and training activities (i.e. Bronze Course) are postponed. 

Bar and Bistro next week will continue to trade however: 

  • Bistro will take place Thursday and Friday nights with bookings essential and a 10 person maximum per booking in place; 
  • Club hours will change on Saturday 28 November 2020 (4pm to 8pm); 
  • Club capacity will be significantly reduced with the reintroduction of the 4m2 rule; 
  • No standing consumption of alcohol (inside and outside); 
  • Seated dining only; and 
  • All members and non-members must sign in on entry and on exit 

For further clarity, this weekend as the lock down remains in place on Saturday the bar will not be open and no training will occur. The bar will however be open from 4pm Sunday 22 November 2020 under the rules highlighted above. 

In the interest of public safety, roving patrols with reduced numbers have been authorised for Saturday and will occur as roving patrols only for all future patrols until advised otherwise. Club Captain Andrew Edwards will coordinate this with individuals as required. 

Further targeted information will be provided through our social media, website and text/email facilities to keep you updated. For further SA Government Restrictions information

Stay safe and stay connected. 

Nipper Training Pack

The Semaphore SLSC uniform shop is offering a special season opening training pack for Nippers, at the discounted cost of $60. This pack contains everything you need to kick your child’s season off. To pre-order please fill in the on-line order form below. Please pay when you collect your pack from the club uniform shop.

If you only need particular items, our uniform shop will be open as usual from 11am before Nipper training on Saturdays.

The uniform shop is located in the boat shed under the main club, near the change rooms.

Stay tuned for details of a Semaphore online uniform shop, to come later this year.

Nippers Training Pack consists of

1 Nippers Long Sleeved Training Top

1 Hi Vis Singlet

1 Broad Brimmed Hat with Logo

Available for the discounted cost of $60



Christmas came early for our Nippers

Semaphore SLSC has celebrated Christmas early with a special visit from Santa himself.  His elves were also very busy handing out treats to the youngsters.

Water Cover members were so excited about his pending visit they dressed up for the occasion.  Thanks to all of those volunteers who made the day special for our nippers and their families.

Full sized Santa photos are available for download.  Simply email to get a link and  password.  Your child’s name and Age group must be included before access to photos can be granted.


Summer $5 deal is back!

There will be no canteen this weekend.

Pies, Pasty’s and sausage rolls will be available in the morning with a BBQ following training.

The summer $5 deal is back: Sausage, Drink and a Zooper Dooper.


Nippers Disco – 8th December



Nippers Disco – Saturday 8th December 6:30 to 9:00pm

We’re having a Nippers Disco at the club on Saturday December 8. All age groups are welcome!

Entry is $10 which includes pizza and a drink – doors open from 6pm.

Tunes supplied by our resident music man Jason Sym-Choon

Adults are Free, (as per training parent/guardian presence is required)



Lifesaving World Championships

A reminder that Glenelg is hosting the Lifesaving World Championships 16th November – 2nd December.

We have a number of members competing:

Sean McKenzie will be in the pool representing the Masters at Marion Friday – Sunday

Sean, Tina Williams, Heather Eckert and Kate Newman will be on the beach Monday to Wednesday.

Cooper Clee and Ella Andrews hit the sand 27th – 29th November.

Nic Schulz and Connor Tunbridge will be in action 30th November – 2nd December.

We wish them all well and are proud that the Club will be represented on an International stage.

Canteen Specials

Club Canteen will be open this Saturday before and after training.

Cheese toasties for just $1!  Ham and cheese toasties $2

Plenty of other tasty treats on offer.

Junior Weekly Report – 14th Nov

This weeks Junior Report includes

  • Weekly Duties
  • Weekly Training Times
  • Membership Renewals
  • Parental Supervison
  • Uniting SA – Christmas Appeal
  • 1st Junior Carnival Info Update
  • U13’s Information
  • Juniors Facebook Group reminder
  • Calendar of Events

Weekly Duties

Canteen – Under 7’s
2 Parents to assist in the Club kitchen post training – please remember you need enclosed shoes.

Board Washing
Under 13’s – Wash’em down and rack them ready for next week

This Weeks Training Times

All these training sessions begin with a meeting at the usual muster place

Board Training – Friday 4:45pm
RnR  Training – No training for next 3 weeks due to Worlds 
March Past – Saturday 11:55am
Nipper Surf Training – Saturday 12:45pm

Membership Renewals

Membership renewals are now overdue and are required to be renewed.   See the following post for details on how to do that –

If you have any issues there will be a person available to assist you upstairs on Saturday before training.

Parental Supervision during Training

Whilst it is a requirement of the Semaphore Surf Club for you, or a nominated guardian, to oversee your child’s fun on the beach during training, its also a great opportunity for you to interact with your child and other parents in a great community activity.  Semaphore has long been referred to as a Family Club, and we believe that Surf Life Saving is a fulfilling family experience for all.


Uniting SA – Christmas Appeal

In a bid to help less fortunate families we are asking for all our Nippers to support the Uniting SA Christmas Appeal.  Please drop a small non perishable gift into the box by the Christmas/Rescue Board.  All donations will be delivered to Uniting SA on Friday 14th December.

Ist Junior Carnival – Glenelg  **UPDATE**

The first Junior Carnival is on this Sunday (18th Nov) at Glenelg.  All nominations have been entered.  Only the nominated juniors entered into the Event System will be allowed to compete.

The undated events schedule is now available (see below), and a carnival time table will be distributed via your Age Group manager on the day as usual.

As the events start at 8:30am we are requesting all participants to be on the beach at 8am.

Please note – that there is no RnR or March Past scheduled for this carnival, and no points will be awarded to clubs.  As such while flags and sprints will be run as usual, Water Events will be conducted as 2 rounds with all participants having the opportunity to participate in both rounds if they want to.  Board Rescue and Iron Person take a bit longer so they have been scheduled either just before lunch or at the end of the day and will probably only see 1 round completed but will most likely run over time, this means that we need to be sure that the kids still get time to eat appropriately.

Warning – Parking will most likely be an issue. There will be allot of space dedicated in normal parking areas to storage for the international teams visiting for The World Surf Life Saving Championships scheduled for the same week.

U13’s Information

Extra Training Opportunity

An opportunity has presented itself for U13’s to train with the youth/senior group on Wednesday nights at Wests Lakes. Participants must be prepared to paddle on a mal, and while boards are available to be loaned from the club, you must organise the pick up of a mal from the club prior to training.

To participate you must contact Sean McKenzie on 0428 953 000.

SURF Ed Requirement – CPR Training

As part of the Surf Ed for U13’s this year it is a requirement for RnR States and State Champ Competitors to have attained a SLSSA CPR Certificate. This Training will be available on 2nd December 2018 at the Club. Please Email Steph at to confirm your attendance. Please let me know if there is no possibility of being able to attend this scheduled training.

**Note** If you have attained an SRC Certificate this training is not required. 

Reminder – Semaphore Juniors Facebook Group

Semaphore SLSC Juniors now have their own Facebook group. This is a closed Facebook group meant for Parents of Semaphore Surf Life Saving Club Nippers and we will be posting all Junior Training and Carnival information via this group throughout the season. Use the link below to request access.

Please note that you will be asked 2 questions which will allow us to ensure that members of the Group are restricted to Parents/Guardians. This is to ensure the privacy of our Nippers should we post photos etc.  Only those confirmed as members from the questions will be granted access.

Junior Calendar

Sat 17th Nov  Port Christmas Pageant 
Sun 18th Nov  Junior Carnival #1    (Glenelg)
Sat   8th Dec  Youth Carnival-Water Events (Seacliff) PM carnival (incl U12/13’s)
Sat   8th Dec  Nippers Disco – 6:30pm to 9pm
Fri  14th Dec  Youth Carnival-Beach Events (Seacliff) from 5pm (incl U12/13’s)
Sat 22nd Dec Christmas Break-up
Sat  5th Jan  Nipper Training Resumes
Sun 13th Jan  Junior Carnival #2  (South Port) incl U14/15’s
Sat 26th Jan  Nipperthon   (West Beach)
Sun 10th Feb  Junior Carnival #3  (Pt Elliot)
Sat 16th Feb  R & R States   (Grange)
Sun 24th Feb  Junior States Day 1  (Somerton)
Sat 23rd Mar  Junior States Day 2  (Pt Noarlunga)
Sun 24th Mar  Junior States Day 3  (Pt Noarlunga)

Nipperthon 2018

Juniors get along and test your endurance skills at the Annual Westbeach SLSC Nipperthon

Port Christmas Pageant – Come and join the fun!


We will be entering a float at this year’s Port Adelaide Christmas Pageant, which is being held on Saturday November 17th in Port Adelaide.  It would be great to have as many Juniors and Seniors marching as possible.

We understand that its the night before the first Carnival but we are expected to be finished by 7pm.

We will be towing one Surf Boat and will take up to ten juniors in the boat. Names will be taken on a first come first served basis but with priority placed on the younger children getting preference over the older kids.

We would love to see any SRC’s and Bronzies in uniform to assist in supervising while the floats are in motion!!!

Sorry mums/dad’s with younger kids your attendance will also be required!!

Dress for the day is:

  • Semaphore Skull Caps for all juniors and Semaphore training Shirts for all juniors that have them
  • Patrol hats and shirts for seniors and patrolling members.
  • If you are a non patrolling parent please wear any Semaphore gear that you have
  • Optional tinsel and Christmas decorations – that’s up to you.

More info will be supplied soon.

For any questions and to confirm your attendance and claim a place in a surf boat, please email Steph Breden at